Desert Island Dusk
M A Barnes

Owner: Miss Alison P Lee

Age (last declaration): 7

Race Record since July '15
3 @ Wetherby 17/11/2018 Handicap Hurdle
4 @ Kelso 10/11/2018
Urwin Family Handicap Hurdle
4 @ Kelso 27/10/2018
Harper Gow Memorial Handicap Hurdle (Qualifier)
4 @ Perth 27/09/2018
Bet With The Dewhurst Bookmakers Jet Master Handicap Hurdle
4 @ Hexham 17/09/2018
Daily Tips Available On Handicap Hurdle
3 @ Hexham 16/06/2018
Pola Minerals Handicap Hurdle
4 @ Hexham 02/06/2018
Great North City Games Handicap Hurdle
4 @ Perth 17/05/2018
totesport Follow Us On Twitter Conditional Jockeys' Handicap Hurdle
Musselburgh 08/11/2017
Never Miss A Race On RacingUK Handicap Hurdle
Kelso 28/10/2017
Sir Maxwell Harper Gow Memorial Handicap Hurdle
Kelso 08/10/2017
Newcastle Arms Coldstream Handicap Hurdle (Div 1)
Sedgefield 31/08/2017
Happy 70th Birthday Lesley Gray Handicap Hurdle
Bangor 16/08/2017
bangorBET Handicap Hurdle
Perth 02/08/2017
Crieff Golf Club Ferntower Handicap Hurdle
Hexham 25/06/2017
Bet toteexacta Handicap Hurdle
Hexham 03/06/2017
Hexham & Northern Marts Handicap Hurdle
Hexham 23/05/2017
Port Of Blyth Handicap Hurdle
Kelso 10/04/2017
Andersons Butchers & Lyntoun Taxis East Lothian Conditional Jockeys' Handicap Hurdle
Class 4 @ Kelso 04/12/2016
Happy 70th Berwick Speedways Dennis McCleary Handicap Hurdle (Challenger Two Mile Hurdle Series Qual
Class 4 @ Musselburgh 14/11/2016
Racing UK Now In HD! Handicap Hurdle
Class 3 @ Carlisle 20/10/2016
Book Your Christmas Party Here Intermediate Handicap Hurdle
Class 3 @ Hexham 11/06/2016
Andy Calvert Celebration Novices Hurdle
Class 4 @ Kelso 29/05/2016
Border Facilities Novices Hurdle
Class 4 @ Hexham 07/05/2016
Great North Run City Games Handicap Hurdle
Class 5 @ Perth 22/04/2016
Heineken Partnership Handicap Hurdle
Kelso 07/11/2015
Happy Birthday Susan Evans Novices Handicap Hurdle
Ayr 26/10/2015
Racing UK Maiden Hurdle
Sedgefield 12/10/2015
Shepley Engineers Handicap Hurdle
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