J G Given

Owner: Mr Alex Owen

Age (last declaration): 3

Race Record since July '15
2 @ Newcastle 22/11/2018
Play 4Toscore At Betway Handicap
Tipperary 30/08/2018
Meadowview Stables Race
Meydan 25/01/2018
EGA Billets Trophy Handicap
Meydan 21/12/2017
Lincoln Mkz Trophy Handicap
Meydan 09/03/2017
Ipic Trophy Handicap
Meydan 16/02/2017 Handicap - Dirt
Meydan 11/02/2017
Track Meydan Golf Handicap - Dirt
Meydan 19/01/2017
District One Handicap
Meydan 15/12/2016
Garhoud Sprint Listed Stakes
Meydan 04/02/2016
Firebreak Stakes Sponsored By Ega - Group 3 Stakes - Dirt
Meydan 14/01/2016
Dubawi Stakes Sponsored By DP World Uae Region Listed Stakes
Meydan 17/12/2015
Garhoud Sprint Sponsored By Lincoln MKX Listed Stakes
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