Ayr Racecourse

Ayr Racecourse
Top Ayr Tippers
Username Tips P/L
marty1367 114 £806.75
tonybatchelor 104 £554.80
MikeyB 105 £442.19
griffstar007 98 £392.50
elpwerko 103 £348.75
TapNaps 58 £340.00
caimino87 45 £332.50
SimplyHorseTips 56 £296.85
Sacha1978 35 £292.50
Five2TenRacing 102 £292.50
Ayr Fastest Winning Times (since April '16)
Distance Date Fastest Time Horse
0m 5f 0y 18-06-2016 0m 58.75s Lexington Place
06-08-2016 0m 59.02s Invincible Ridge
06-10-2016 1m 0.30s Taffetta
0m 6f 0y 06-06-2016 1m 10.16s Intisaab
17-06-2016 1m 10.43s Intisaab
06-06-2016 1m 11.52s Masham Star
0m 7f 50y 18-06-2016 0m 58.33s Marsha
17-09-2016 1m 14.27s Delectation
08-08-2016 1m 15.21s Specialv
1m 0f 0y 18-06-2016 1m 39.98s Gabrials Kaka
06-06-2016 1m 40.87s Nicholas T
06-08-2016 1m 41.72s Teds Brother
1m 1f 0y 03-07-2016 2m 14.43s Innocent Touch
1m 1f 20y 06-06-2016 1m 54.82s Cymraeg Bounty
17-06-2016 1m 56.30s Knights Table
1m 2f 0y 16-09-2016 1m 0.73s Lincoln
18-07-2016 1m 35.27s Forever A Lady
08-08-2016 1m 35.81s Norville
1m 5f 0y 03-07-2016 1m 47.30s Beautiful Stranger
1m 5f 123y 15-04-2016 5m 27.25s Definitly Red
1m 5f 13y 17-06-2016 2m 53.22s I Am Not Here
17-09-2016 2m 56.35s Nietzsche
15-09-2016 2m 58.40s Sporty Yankee
1m 5f 26y 08-08-2016 1m 1.97s Bunce
1m 7f 0y 06-08-2016 3m 28.68s Bell Weir
1m 7f 112y 04-07-2016 1m 14.98s Hab Reeh
29-10-2016 3m 51.39s Special Catch
29-10-2016 3m 52.06s Halcyon Days
2m 0f 0y 04-07-2016 2m 5.12s Causey Arch
16-04-2016 3m 51.39s Chtibello
29-10-2016 3m 52.80s Space Ship
2m 0f 110y 08-08-2016 1m 37.54s Whatsthemessage
2m 1f 105y 16-09-2016 4m 0.74s Impulsive American
2m 2f 0y 05-12-2016 4m 38.30s Gold Opera
2m 3f 0y 05-12-2016 5m 1.18s Lochalsh
30-01-2017 5m 22.21s Simmply Sam
05-12-2016 5m 7.97s Daytripper
2m 3f 110y 11-07-2016 1m 2.60s Star Cracker
2m 4f 100y 24-10-2016 5m 12.10s Spiritofthegames
05-12-2016 5m 15.94s Progress Drive
09-11-2016 5m 20.60s Miss Maiden Over
2m 4f 110y 29-10-2016 3m 56.87s Master Of Finance
16-04-2016 5m 14.85s Le Mercurey
29-10-2016 5m 18.21s Indian Temple
2m 5f 110y 29-10-2016 5m 46.39s Formidableopponent
05-12-2016 5m 47.28s Marlee Massie
19-12-2016 5m 52.70s Achill Road Boy
2m 5f 91y 16-04-2016 5m 18.92s Two Taffs
29-10-2016 5m 22.16s Fred Le Macon
09-11-2016 5m 36.50s Hi George
3m 0f 20y 11-07-2016 1m 36.89s Royal Duchess
14-02-2017 6m 41.50s Plus Jamais
3m 0f 67y 16-04-2016 6m 23.69s Vivaldi Collonges
15-04-2016 6m 27.05s Gullys Edge
02-01-2017 6m 45.62s Nortonthorpelegend
3m 0f 70y 11-07-2016 3m 6.80s Roc De Prince
16-01-2017 4m 13.73s Fairlee Grey
15-04-2016 6m 24.86s Rons Dream
3m 2f 197y 17-01-2017 7m 43.95s Jonny Eager
3m 7f 176y 16-04-2016 8m 25.71s Vicente
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