Tipperary Racecourse

Tipperary Racecourse
Top Tipperary Tippers
Username Tips P/L
oliver 2 £390.00
Cacamimi26 15 £133.80
porterg94 18 £108.71
Kev41 5 £90.00
CraigyboyLtp 3 £88.00
mabanner1 7 £82.50
JackSaunders 26 £75.04
underwood61 1 £70.00
bmoody 1 £70.00
jeffmagnier 4 £67.50
Tipperary Fastest Winning Times (since April '16)
Distance Date Fastest Time Horse
0m 5f 0y 05-08-2016 0m 58.99s Ostatnia
09-07-2016 0m 59.40s Yulong Baobei
05-08-2016 0m 59.80s Mayleaf Shine
0m 7f 100y 16-08-2016 1m 35.33s Almanaara
16-08-2016 1m 35.70s Beau Recall
16-08-2016 1m 35.73s Lake George
0m 7f 110y 30-06-2016 1m 38.41s Gordon Lord Byron
30-06-2016 1m 38.59s Jembatt
30-06-2016 1m 40.16s Promise To Be True
1m 1f 0y 16-08-2016 1m 57.12s Not Just Any Girl
05-08-2016 2m 0.12s Byron Beauty
25-08-2016 2m 1.05s Girl Of The Hour
1m 4f 0y 21-04-2016 2m 51.94s Lady Giselle
21-04-2016 2m 54.33s Kellstorm
1m 4f 100y 05-08-2016 2m 47.67s Elm Grove
30-06-2016 2m 54.81s Lilly The Lioness
1m 4f 110y 25-08-2016 0m 58.70s Spirit Quartz
26-05-2016 2m 43.75s Henrys Girl
16-08-2016 2m 47.20s Hint Of Frost
2m 0f 0y 02-10-2016 1m 41.56s Jet Setting
02-10-2016 1m 43.24s Downforce
09-07-2016 3m 48.60s Ivan Grozny
2m 1f 0y 17-07-2016 4m 27.10s Supreme Vic
04-10-2016 4m 27.70s Samanntom
12-05-2016 4m 36.40s Winter Magic
2m 2f 0y 12-05-2016 4m 39.00s Westendorf
12-05-2016 4m 52.80s Miss Eyecatcher
2m 4f 0y 02-10-2016 4m 4.70s Cradle Mountain
16-08-2016 4m 53.00s Clonalig House
26-05-2016 4m 57.80s Pilgrim Way
2m 7f 0y 04-10-2016 6m 14.00s Jetstream Jack
12-05-2016 6m 36.00s Hurricane Ben
3m 0f 0y 02-10-2016 3m 55.30s Ivan Grozny
16-08-2016 5m 56.90s Knockanarrigan
09-07-2016 6m 15.90s Tristram Shandy
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