York Racecourse
North Yorkshire

York Racecourse

York Racecourse is a horse racing venue in York, North Yorkshire, England. It is the third biggest racecourse in Britain in terms of total prize money offered, and second behind Ascot in prize money offered per meeting.


O23 1EX

Top York Tippers
Username Tips P/L
bladesmandan 64 £846.85
BetHorsesJF 5 £760.00
jeffmagnier 59 £531.10
johnmcelrue1977 84 £460.00
elpwerko 124 £421.50
MarioSeratano 60 £383.30
broadysboys 179 £382.13
TheFilter85 13 £376.25
mattda 10 £350.00
kay1985 17 £344.00
York Fastest Winning Times (since April '16)
Distance Date Fastest Time Horse
0m 5f 0y 19-08-2016 0m 56.24s Meccas Angel
09-07-2016 0m 56.35s Marsha
20-08-2016 0m 57.11s Big Time Baby
0m 5f 89y 17-08-2016 1m 1.77s Boom The Groom
22-07-2016 1m 2.21s Just Glamorous
07-10-2016 1m 4.33s Carlton Frankie
0m 6f 0y 08-07-2016 1m 10.01s Ridge Ranger
18-08-2016 1m 10.43s Stormy Clouds
11-05-2016 1m 10.52s Magical Memory
0m 7f 0y 19-08-2016 1m 22.16s Nemoralia
21-05-2016 1m 22.78s Jallota
18-08-2016 1m 22.99s Opal Tiara
0m 7f 192y 23-07-2016 1m 22.96s Get Knotted
12-05-2016 2m 8.85s Beautiful Romance
1m 0f 0y 09-07-2016 1m 35.11s Home Cummins
12-05-2016 1m 36.34s Always Smile
18-08-2016 1m 36.70s Firmament
1m 0f 208y 20-08-2016 1m 46.61s Scottish
22-07-2016 1m 50.24s Cote Dazur
11-06-2016 1m 51.73s Woody Bay
1m 2f 88y 08-10-2016 2m 10.52s Novelty Seeker
08-10-2016 2m 11.12s Autocratic
23-07-2016 2m 12.29s Playful Sound
1m 3f 188y 23-07-2016 2m 6.93s Time Test
1m 4f 0y 18-08-2016 2m 28.50s Seventh Heaven
17-08-2016 2m 29.41s Idaho
13-05-2016 2m 29.98s Barsanti
1m 6f 0y 20-08-2016 2m 56.13s Heartbreak City
20-08-2016 2m 56.94s Wall Of Fire
09-07-2016 2m 57.91s Pamona
2m 0f 88y 17-08-2016 3m 30.03s Oceane
12-05-2016 3m 32.08s Saigon City
19-08-2016 3m 32.57s Quest For More
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