About BetRef

BetRef is a social Horse Racing community. We offer tipping competitions, racecards, a free horse tracker/alerts system and more. All free and open to everyone.

We have two simple aims:

  1. To provide a platform for people to easily communicate with one another about all things gambling orientated.
  2. To bring together the finest gambling minds in one place, so that others with less experience can tap into their wealth of knowledge, and hopefully that way we can all beat the bookies.

We ask our users to each build a profile page. There is the opportunity to add some personal details, Twitter handles and a profile picture. Those who have blogs online, please feel free to add your link to your profile page.

Working with some of the UK's top bookmakers we are able offer live odds on all British and Irish horse racing. Every meeting, every day!

We ask our users to make three suggestions a day, using the industry standard format of one *NAP, one *NB and one *3B. All suggestions are time stamped and recorded at the current odds.

We then roll the results of these suggestions into a league table. Each user's performance will be recorded using profit/loss as a yard stick against others. We will also use the data we record to provide other useful statistics, such as which courses bring you profit, which jockeys, which trainers.